Nesting boxes – where do chickens lay eggs in free range poultry farming?

Looking for a nest box for your hens?

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Nest Boxes for free range hens and broiler breeder chickens. Manufactured in South Africa.

  • Sturdy
  • Galvanised
  • Built to last

Nesting boxes – where do chickens lay eggs in free range poultry farming?

Nest boxes laid out in a chicken house – next to come are the nipple drinking system and the pan feeding system.

In free range egg farming the hens lay eggs in nesting boxes or nest boxes. In commercial egg farming, layer cages are used. Nest boxes are the best solution when doing free range eggs or organic eggs. The space that they take up is relatively small compared to other forms of nesting solutions. The galvanised construction of the nesting boxes makes them ideal for chicken farming. The nests will not rust and are two tier – which means they will last a long time. Two tier means effective use of space in the layer house.

20 hole nest box from South Africa – bolt together – easy to transport.

Some chicken farmers use wooden nest boxes – this is really a bad idea – wood will rot, and worse, wood absorbs the litter… and disease. Plastic nest boxes are becoming popular – but they require space – and when free range farming and organic farming – space is at a premium. Nesting boxes should be sturdy, long lasting and easily washed. Galvanised nest boxes are the answer for chickens laying eggs in free range poultry farming or for organic egg farming. These boxes come in various sizes – 10 hole, 12 hole, 20 hole and 24 hole. The 10 hole and 12 hole nests are one sided, made to stand against a wall. – the 20 hole and 24 hole are double sided – meant to stand in the center of the chicken house.

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The top of the box has what is known as an anti-perch – this is to stop the hens and the cocks from perching on top of the boxes – and creating a mess. The boxes have adjustable legs so you can raise or lower them – the legs are also galvanised steel. Each bay is suitable for 5 – 7 hens – they will obviously not all lay at the same time – and hens are quite happy to share nesting space with other hens.

Nest boxes for breeding hens, free range hens and organic hens

nestbox for free range hens, organic hens or breeding hens
Galvanised nests for 288 hens – welded frame – extra perch  space?
Nest box with slide out nests
Nest slide out – means you can easily clean the bays.

Slide out nests make the job of cleaning a lot easier.

Welded frame nestbox
The frame is welded before galvanising – making it sturdier than any bolt together nestbox.

We make two types of nest boxes

  1. Bolt together
  2. Fully welded frame

The downside is transporting the fully welded nesting boxes – because the frames are fully welded you cannot fit many on the bakkie or truck – but they do make up for that with their ease of use and lasting qualities. The upside is the sturdiness of the unit, and the fact that you get more perch space – which is a bonus if you are free ranging or doing organic egg farming – more perch space means less chicken perches in the house.

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